Whirlpool Headquarter

The multinational American company Whirlpool has established its European operational and managerial center within the Perseo building in Pero, on the commercial outskirts of Milan. To facilitate the transfer of all offices to the new headquarters, adaptation works were carried out within the building. Preceded by activities such as strip-out of movable partitions, flooring, and existing suspended ceilings, the redesign of office layouts was executed in accordance with the group’s brand identity, enhancing environmental quality through the use of high-performance materials.

The first complex features a ground-floor entrance lobby with a height reaching the underside of the top slab, a central staircase and elevator core, and two distinct open-space lounge areas designed to welcome visitors to the complex. Ascending to the fifth floor of the same building, a 640-square-meter area was transformed into an open-space exhibition space to showcase the company’s products. Meanwhile, the fifth floor of the twin complex was allocated to management offices, the executive boardroom, and a series of private meeting rooms. On the ground floor of the second building, an auditorium divisible into two halls was created, thanks to a movable wall with high soundproofing characteristics. On the same level, several meeting rooms were established primarily for Whirlpool clients. The remaining levels of both complexes are configured with a series of meeting rooms surrounding the central core of toilets, elevators, and staircases. The rest of the environment consists of a large open-plan office area, and on each floor, there is a different corporate kitchenette serving as a refreshment area equipped for quick preparations.

The project went beyond the aesthetic and functional adaptation of internal spaces, also aiming to improve the building’s energy performance through a series of structural and systems interventions. This included adapting the ceiling air conditioning system by incorporating more modern filtering elements, and replacing and integrating lighting fixtures with fully LED elements throughout the entire internal surface. Special attention was given to the acoustic treatment of workspaces, opting for internal materials with high sound-absorbing performance. While identifying more efficient materials significantly improved internal conditions, acoustic partitions were also installed within the suspended ceilings and beneath the raised floor to achieve the set standards.

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Whirlpool Headquarter


QUORUM sgr Galotti S.p.a.
Tertiary Sector
GaS Studio
Fondiaria 10.400 sqm
Costruita 10.300 sqm
8.000.000 €

 Services Provided

  • Assistance in contract definition phase
  • ntegrated preliminary, final, and executive design
  • Preparation of administrative procedures
  • Design developed on BIM platform
  • Safety coordination in design and execution
  • Works supervisor