Waterfront Genoa

The Genoa sports arena, the first large tensile structure built in Europe and inaugurated in 1962, is part of a comprehensive redevelopment project for the Genoa fair area. The new Levante Waterfront, promoted with the aim of enhancing the relationship between the city and the sea in terms of environmental sustainability and social and economic attractiveness, will come to fruition in the year when the Ligurian capital is the European Capital of Sport.

The masterplan, designed by Renzo Piano and Obr with coordination by Starching, encompasses 80,000 square meters of space, featuring a large urban park, a dock, residences, offices, student accommodations, commercial facilities, apart-hotels, and the redevelopment of the Palasport, which will become a new cultural, sports, and commercial district not only for the city but for the entire northern Italy.

Furthermore, the project includes new roadways for the area, mostly to be constructed beneath the elevated road: a public road axis enabling a new connection to the port area.

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Waterfront Genoa


CDS Costruzioni - CDS Waterfront
CDS Holding - Orion
Urban Regeneration
Team: RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop (architecture)
OBR Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi (architecture)
Struttura Continua (structures)
L2P (structures)
Studio Zenucchi (plants engineering)
Studio Canepa (acoustics)
QSC Control (environmental protocols)
AG&P (landscape architecture)
STZ (fire prevention)
GV Debellis (geology)
CREA (Project Management support)
Eurostudio (structures)
Tecnotre (plants)
Switch (lighting design)
SEM (DLG Construction Management and Administration support)
VBAA (safety)
Project+ (safety)
TRM (mobility)
MIC (mobility)
85.000 sqm
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 Services Provided

  • Advisory
  • Preparation of PUO (Urban Planning Document)
  • Project Management and BIM Management
  • Cost Control, Estimates, and Specifications
  • Site Management
  • Safety Coordination in Design and Execution
  • Integrated Design (Thematic Commercial District)