Ville Urbane

The Urban Villas in the Varesine-Porta Nuova district in Milan rethink the traditional model of Milanese villas in a contemporary way, with spacious open spaces consisting of terraces and gardens surrounded by stone fences inspired by typical dry stone walls of the rural landscape.

The interiors of the buildings have been designed to redefine the standards of prestigious urban residence, offering maximum customization possibilities to the end users. On a planimetric level, the presence of openings on all sides of the villas and the use of an open floor plan allow for great flexibility in configuring the layout of the spaces.

From the outside, a single enclosure wall allows the complex to relate coherently to the block, reducing the isolated distribution of individual villas perceptually and creating an almost continuous street front.

For this project, Starching was entrusted with the execution of the executive design of Villa 8 and Villa 9, which allowed the two buildings to reach the rough construction stage, architectural completion, and finishing of the interior spaces. The two complexes, divided respectively into 7 apartments on 4 above-ground floors and 10 apartments on 5 above-ground floors, were designed by the architectural firm M2P Associati.

The square footage of the apartments in the two buildings has been redesigned to meet the needs of a broader target audience, in line with the commercial strategy aimed at leasing both complexes.

The generation of new floor areas has been balanced with the removal of a façade wall, to achieve an optimized distribution of the total surface, creating the desired conditions to respond to the rental market. Part of the flooring support packages has been redesigned in dialogue with consultants and contractors to meet various sector requirements regarding the maintenance of previously established ceiling and fixture heights.

For the development of the executive project, the construction details were transposed into a BIM model to conduct an analysis of the systems implemented in the built structure and to identify potential interferences, ensuring the correct execution of subsequent construction phases. During the management of the project, it was possible to share the necessary know-how with the construction company. The supervision of the shell & core works of the two buildings required establishing a connection between the rough construction and the completion of architectural finishing works, retrieving relevant information from the previous process.

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Ville Urbane


M2P Associati
Redesco (Supervision of structural works)
SLP 2.085 sqm
SLP complessiva di comparto 5.352 sqm
3.500.000 €

 Services Provided

  • Drafting of administrative practices
  • General and structural works management
  • Integrated executive design
  • BIM design