The Gate

“The Gate” complex, owned by General Electric Capital Real Estate, arises from the renovation of a property in the heart of the Porta Nuova business district. Built in 1967 and previously occupied by the offices of the Region.

The building is situated at a corner within a square lot between Melchiorre Gioia Street and  Cardano Street, spanning a total of 9 above-ground floors and 5 basement levels. Designed for multi-tenant use, with 50% of the companies being part of the General Electric group, the complex consists of a horizontal distribution system with a “double-body” layout, featuring both open-space and cellular workspaces along with their ancillary areas. During the development stages, a design review of the project presented by Goring and Straja Architects was conducted in anticipation of the tender for the construction phases.

Simultaneously, the building underwent a complete strip-out of its interiors and existing façades, as well as the remediation of certain asbestos fiber elements found within the façades itself and the attic.

The Gate has been redesigned through a philosophy of sustainable architecture, employing low-environmental impact design solutions. The complex has achieved LEED Gold certification thanks to meticulous design of geothermal applications, solar shading, and the integration of high-performance engineering solutions for energy efficiency throughout the complex. These prestigious, energy-efficient solutions aim to promote greater awareness of environmental sustainability and its benefits on maintenance costs.

The new office areas at The Gate feature floating floors, new suspended ceilings, and contemporary, flexible layouts adaptable to various needs. Attention has also been given to the design of communal spaces, contributing to a more comfortable working environment.

On the top floor, a spacious panoramic meeting room has been created, set back from the Façade, and surrounded by a rooftop garden. The ground floor is adorned with illustrations of gears and mechanical components, a nod to GE’s core business, and besides the lobby, it houses meeting rooms and open spaces for communal use. The five basement levels were originally designated entirely for parking, but during the design phase, they were redistributed. Two of the five levels have also been repurposed as archive rooms and an exclusive gym for the building. The previously open-air internal parking has been sheltered by a rooftop garden visible from the building’s interior and accessible from the first floor.

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The Gate


General Electric
Tertiary Sector
Team GaS Architects
Ariatta e Redesco (structures)
STZ (fire prevention)
8.500 sqm

 Services Provided

  • Assistance and verification of preliminary, final, and executive design
  • General and Specialist Works Supervision
  • Safety coordination in design and execution