Six Senses Rome

Starching’s intervention transformed the historic Palazzo Salviati Cesi Mellini, dating back to the 18th century and located along Via del Corso, in the heart of Rome, into a new luxury hotel belonging to the Six Senses chain. This contemporary intervention navigated through direct architectural constraints, archaeological constraints, and the intellectual legacy of the Quaroni-Micalizzi project from the 1980s.

The operation took off in 2018 with Orion Real Estate Fund V, sponsored by Orion Capital Managers, the primary investor in the restructuring. They rigorously respected the history and characteristics of the building, with Starching playing a leading role until the asset was sold to the Statuto Group.

Starching handled all technical services, from advisory and support during the acquisition phase to project and construction management. This included developing the preliminary, final, and executive design, obtaining permits, overseeing construction, and ensuring safety, based on the design signed by the Patricia Urquiola studio.

The hotel features 96 rooms and suites, all equipped with cutting-edge home automation, a spa, a restaurant, an internal courtyard with a garden, and a 1,000-square-meter panoramic terrace offering 360-degree views of the city. The restoration work brought back the ancient splendor of the protected facades, the monumental staircase with its decorative skylight, the columns of the hall, and a large fourth-century baptismal font, the oldest in Rome, unearthed from excavations at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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Six Senses Rome


Orion Capital Managers
Orion Capital Managers
Studio Patricia Urquiola (Interior design)
Arch. Paolo Micalizzi
Proges Engineering (structures)
Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi (plants)
GSE (Fire Prevention)
Greenwitch (LEED)

17.000 sqm
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 Services Provided

  • Advisory and support during the acquisition phase
  • Feasibility
  • Project & Construction management
  • Integrated preliminary, final, and executive design
  • Construction administration (executive design during construction)
  • Site management
  • Safety coordination during design and execution phases
  • Time and Cost Control
  • Testing