Near the Bisceglie metro station in Milan, Starching plays a leading role in a significant urban regeneration project covering an area of over 300,000 square meters, where a mixed-use neighborhood is being developed. The project is part of the integrated plan “Calchi Taeggi-Bisceglie” approved in 2007 and located southwest of the center of Milan.

As part of the SeiMilano initiative, the Park West complex represents the directional segment consisting of three buildings of different heights with a total gross floor area of ​​approximately 27,600 square meters. The complex is complemented by two floors for parking, accessory spaces, technical rooms, an auditorium, and a gym, accommodating approximately 3,000 people. The towers have varied volumes and heights: Tower A is 70 meters tall with 17 levels, Tower B is 46 meters tall with 11 levels including the ground floor, and Tower C is 34 meters tall with 7 levels.

Starching has played a significant role in the acquisition and development process of the complex, commissioned directly by the investor Orion Capital Managers.

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Orion Capital Managers / DeA Capital
Orion Capital Managers / DeA Capital
Tertiary Sector
MCA Mario Cucinella Architects (architecture)
Up consulenza (Façade consultant)
Afc srl (Fire Prevention Consultant)
Planning (works management plants)
Fv progetti srl (works management structures)
37.000 sqm

 Services Provided

  • Advisory
  • Due Diligence and support in the acquisition phase
  • Design review
  • Project Management
  • Safety coordination during execution
  • Time & Cost Control
  • Space Planning & Pilotage
  • Assistance to commercialization