Parallelo Directional Center

The Parallelo Directional Center is a building radically contrasting with the managerial complexes of Milan: it develops horizontally over three floors above ground, raised 12 meters from the ground. The architectural project, curated by Mario Cucinella Architects, has given life to a structure harmoniously inserted into the surrounding landscape. And thanks to its horizontal configuration, it allows employees to work with the perception of being immersed in the external vegetation. The architecture reinterprets the vision of the directional center, starting from the different orientation compared to complexes that develop offices vertically. The horizontal development also allows for optimizing movements in the work environments and interaction among people, thanks to the proximity of volumes with complementary functions and the flexibility in the distribution of internal spaces.

Each floor measures about 4,000 square meters and can accommodate 300 people. The segmentation into modules on the same or multiple floors guarantees full adaptability to different organizational needs. The building hosts work functions on a total commercial area of 14,000 square meters, accompanied by three suspended meeting rooms and a fourth with floating glass windows in the sky. Both vertically and horizontally, the spaces can be divided and segmented or, conversely, merged into larger volumes. A private square, opposite the street side, hosts bars and restaurants on its total 4,500 square meters, creating a reserved meeting space for employees and guests. The square and the public park allow great spatial continuity between the exterior and interior of the building, thanks to the integration between the elements of the structure and those of the surrounding city, between the transparent facades and the terraces with tree-lined avenues and pedestrian paths.

The originality of the concept made the development of integrated-executive design request as a fundamental prerequisite the strong integration between the different disciplines: between the building project, the plant project, and the structural one. One of the peculiarities, for example, was to create a coordination to design the plant passages (mechanical, electrical, and Bms supervision systems) within the structure with honeycomb beams embedded in the false ceiling. A system of photovoltaic and solar panels on the roof produces the electricity demand for the winter period, in addition to contributing to a large part of the production needed for summer cooling, in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Technical characteristics of the façade, use of heat pumps, volumetric configuration, and orientation of the photovoltaic covering allow the building to generate 150,000 Kwh annually. Space optimization, use of appropriate plant solutions, and integration of facility management in the structure also significantly reduce the management costs of the complex, certified in class A.

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Parallelo Directional Center


Tertiary Sector
MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects
Ariatta (plants)
C&P Engineering (structures)

Superficie Fondiaria 10.000 sqm
Superficie Lorda di Pavimento 12.000 sqm
27.000.000 €
CE SI Costruzioni

 Services Provided

  • Preliminary and final design of structures and plants
  • Integrated executive design
  • Cost control and assistance in the bidding phase
  • General and Specialist Works Management
  • Safety coordination in design and execution