Milano 3.0

The Milano 3.0 Next Generation Living complex rises in the Municipality of Basiglio, in the metropolitan city of Milan. Designed by the architecture studio Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, the project sees Starching as the technical coordinator from the initial phase, where the investment proposal was studied with Orion European Real Estate Fund V, to the completion of the operation.

The residential intervention, featuring 260 apartments of various sizes, stands out for its construction interventions that integrate with the existing environment, thanks to the cycle and pedestrian paths designed to connect the new residences with schools, commercial establishments, and sports facilities. It is a project that follows a philosophy based on the relationship with the landscape, harmonizing living spaces with the surrounding nature.

All apartments are designed to achieve Class A4 energy efficiency, utilizing eco-friendly materials, integrated systems with heat pumps, and water-saving technologies that enable the production of renewable energies, such as geothermal and solar. These objectives translate into performance: this will be the first residential project in Italy to be LEED certified.

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Milano 3.0


Dea Capital - Orion Capital Managers
Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (architecture)
Studio Ariatta (Plants)
stid (Geotechnical)
Struttura continua (structures)
Michelangelo Pugliese (landscape)
ING. Medici (Fire brigade consulting)
Tecnicaambiente (acoustics)
Greenwich (leed)
Bernini e Giorgetti (agronomists)
Elcoebner (plants)
60.000 sqm

 Services Provided

  • • Advisory and support during acquisition phase
  • Development management
  • Project & Construction management
  • Preliminary, final, and executive design
  • Construction supervision
  • Safety coordination
  • Time and Cost control