Gioia 20

The Gioia 20 project entails the construction of two tertiary-use towers as part of the redevelopment of Porta Nuova, promoted by Coima SGR, designed by ACPV Architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. The East Tower,standing 98 meters tall facing Gioia 22, will comprise 24 above-ground floors, including a double-height technical room on the roof and 4 basement levels. The main use of the building will be tertiary, with all floors from L02 to L20 designated for office space; L01 will likely be allocated for recreational/multi-functional use, L15 will be prepared for a restaurant with a large equipped outdoor terrace, and finally, levels L21 and L22 will be utilized for technical rooms on the roof. The West Tower will stand 64 meters tall, with 14 above-ground floors and 3 underground levels; the primary use of the building will be tertiary, hosting commercial areas on the ground floor along Melchiorre Gioia Street.

Starching has been tasked with general coordination activities and construction design for civil works (entirely in a BIM environment), technical assistance during the construction phase, concluding with the final drafting of As-Built documentation. The first step of Starching’s work, already completed, involved adapting the architectural executive design to a BIM model and overall coordination of integrated design following Value Engineering.

The project emphasizes the use of renewable energy, with passive solutions: alongside photovoltaic panels integrated into the façade and roof, groundwater will also be utilized for pre-heating and pre-cooling the structure. The building will , thus, achieve the maximum possible energy savings and decarbonization , aiming for Leed Platinum, Well Gold, and WiredScore Platinum certifications.

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Gioia 20


2021 – ongoing
Construction Design Team:
- STARCHING S.r.l. (General Coordination / Construction Architectural Design / On-site Technical Assistance / As-Built / BIM Management)
- REDESCO PROGETTI S.r.l (Structural Construction Design)
- MILANI S.p.a. (Electrical & Special Systems - Design and Execution)
- CRS IMPIANTI (Mechanical, Plumbing & Sanitation Systems - Design and Execution)
- AZA S.p.A. (Facade Construction Design and Execution)
- FSC Engineering S.r.l. (Fire Prevention Consultant)
- Suisse Consulences S.a.g.l. (Acoustic Consultant)
- Deerns S.r.l. (Energy Consultant)

Executive Design Team:
- ACPV Citterio-Viel & Partners Interiors (Design Architect)
- MPARTNER S.r.l. (General Coordination - Executive Architectural Design)
- ARUP S.r.l. (Executive Structural and Facade Design)
- Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.r.l. (Executive Mechanical & Electrical Systems / Elevators / Sustainability)
- GAE ENGINEERING S.r.l. (Executive Fire Safety Design)
- Suisse Consulences Sagl (Acoustic Consultant)
- LAND Italia (Landscape Architect)
- J&A CONSULTANTS S.r.l. (Quantity Surveyor)
74.000 sqm

 Services Provided

  • General coordination of construction design in a BIM environment
  • Architectural construction design in a BIM environment
  • Technical assistance during construction
  • As-built drafting in a BIM environment