The Green Data Center is one of the world’s first examples of a Data Processing Center with extremely high energy efficiency in the ratio between overall consumption and consumption of installed IT systems, capable of reducing electrical consumption for server cooling from 1.5 KW to 0.2 KW per unit.

ENI’s Green Data Center houses 5,200 square meters of data rooms arranged in six independent sections, accompanied by 35,000 square meters of service areas for the system and approximately 1,200 square meters of office space dedicated to Data Center management, for a total complex size of approximately 45,000 square meters.

In total, the systems comprising server rooms and cooling towers are six, configured to create two symmetrical buildings with three groups each. This allows for the allocation of the same type of data for each of the two areas, following the redundant configuration typical of Data Centers, which protects the system from both potential cyber and structural attacks.

Seen in plan, the two macro areas were designed in the shape of equilateral triangles, with the three towers positioned at the vertices. This allowed for the placement of maintenance systems between one tower and the other, so that each server room can be easily alternately powered. It is essential that the rooms housing the maintenance facilities of the complex are arranged to redundantly provide the availability of each individual server room and always ensure the presence of one of the two systems in case of failure of the other.

The control of the rooms is managed by the office area positioned by utilizing the space above the existing structure. It consists of two symmetrical volumes connected by a suspended bridge, the only real and symbolic connection element between the two symmetrical sections of the complex.

Maintaining constant computing performance and Data Center operating standards is fundamental to the design of the internal layout of the server rooms. Based on the 60x60cm module, the arrangement of servers in the rooms and the width of access corridors for air distribution and operator passage have been defined.

Under the floor of each level, the necessary systems for electrical power supply, fire safety and blackout protection, and real-time management of computing units have been installed. Management has been devised to utilize a single cooling source located beneath the first level of server units: aerable flooring and the selection of materials with high technical performance were essential elements to optimize the natural cooling system developed for the first time at the Eni Green Data Center.

Under suitable atmospheric conditions, the architectural form alone can provide the necessary airflow for server cooling and maintain an operating temperature between 18°-26°C and a relative humidity of 20%-70%.

The tower is a chimney-like structure, almost entirely hollow and approximately 30m tall, designed to naturally intake outside air and expel the heated air generated by the computing units by exploiting the convective motion that occurs.

To control the system, a set of dampers installed on the tower allows for the management of the percentage of external air recirculation from 0% (total free cooling) to 100% (total recirculation), depending on the atmospheric conditions of the complex and the temperature and humidity targets necessary for proper operation.

The hill provides a physical boundary that enhances the protection of all technical rooms and data halls, giving a natural connotation to the context by integrating architecture into the landscape.

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Ferrera Erbognone
Reorder Srl
Data Center
POP Solid (concept)
Fondiaria 100.000 sqm
Costruita 50.000 sqm
67.000.000 €

 Services Provided

  • Fully integrated executive design developed entirely on the BIM platform
  • General Works Management
  • Fire protection design
  • Works responsibility
  • Safety coordination in Design and Execution
  • Drafting of administrative practices