Bassi Park

Constructed in the early 1970s, the office center housed the headquarters of the Lombardy Regional Council and the Ministry of the Interior’s Tax Offices. Since the 2000s, the Business Park complex has undergone renovation, giving a new look to the neighborhood stretching from Isola towards Porta Garibaldi Station.

The new Ugo Bassi office center consists of lots assigned to various public and private companies, including the Revenue Agency. The Bassi Business Park complex comprises a total of 10 buildings. The area features a central core with a courtyard garden, providing access to Bassi 4, 6, and 8 blocks. On the side facing Bassi Street , there are three-story buildings (Bassi 8 and Bassi 4A), housing entrances to the central underground parking and courtyard. The garden provides access to Bassi 8, 6, 4, and C. Additionally, Fidia is located to the east, and Bassi 2 and Pepe 44 to the west. Starching has contributed to the project aimed at achieving LEED Gold certification.

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Bassi Park


Gre Generali
OBR Open Building Research srl (Architectural design)
Ariatta e Studio Brambilla & Ferrari
Sercos (for demolition and reclamation works)
Impresa Percassi - Cefla (for the redevelopment of buildings and part of the external arrangements)
Edilpietro (for the redevelopment of the concierge and adaptation of the garage)
20.000 sqm

 Services Provided

  • Construction management
  • General and specialist site management