Orizzonte Europa BNL Headquarter

The BNL Group BNP Paribas headquarters is the main of the company’s three new offices in Rome. The architectural project, curated by the Genoese studio 5+1AA, is contemporary and innovative, envisioning the imposing volume as a horizontal skyscraper. The movement of its reflective glass façade mirrors the high-speed railway station of Rome Tiburtina, giving the building its strongly iconic appearance that easily integrates into the urban context of the area.

The building has obtained LEED Gold Core & Shell certification, reducing expected overall consumption by 30% using low-water, low-electricity, and low-energy design and technological solutions.

The assignment began with the coordination of the preliminary stages of the competition for the selection of the architectural project. After tabulating and comparing the projects presented, a technical evaluation of the most suitable project was provided to the client to meet the anticipated requirements and ensure realization.

Once the winning project was selected, the phase was concluded by working alongside the 5+1AA architecture studio to ensure the development of all aspects of the artistic direction and remain aligned with the client’s objectives.

Given the building’s dimensional impact, adhering to the scheduled budget was one of the most challenging project aspects. However, thanks to the use of efficient technical and structural solutions, it was possible to respect it while maintaining aesthetics and high performance.

One of the most complex aspects was the development of the 15,000 sqm glass façade characterized by a sinusoidal movement and three-dimensional cusp-shaped glass elements.

A total of 1200 windows were incorporated into the façade to ensure a natural ventilation level.

The same effect was sought for the rear façade, which is configured as a textured wall covered with 30×60 cm tiles. The tiles used were designed for the construction of ventilated façade with zero joints, giving the wall a dynamic yet monolithic appearance with a golden and iridescent effect.

The design coordination for the construction of this façade involved the engineering of individual elements to maintain architectural values, to comply with regulations, and to minimize the impact of the overall budget.

“Orizzonte Europa” is a small city: it accommodates approximately 3,400 workstations, an auditorium, a training center, an 800-seat company restaurant, and a 400-parking space garage spread across four underground levels. Around 85% of the total office space volume is designated for open-space environments, while the remaining 15% is configured as enclosed offices.

The interiors, designed by Architect Paolo Mantero, feature renewable and eco-friendly materials, embodying a minimalist and efficient concept that shapes and anticipates a new way of working within the space.

In the development of the engineering project, the working team ensured compliance with regulatory and fire safety requirements, as well as aspects of origin, traceability, and composition necessary for obtaining LEED certification. Additionally, the building has been awarded the “Smart Building” architecture prize in the Tertiary/Office category and the “Best of the Best / Architecture” award at the beginning of 2017, along with recognition as the “The Plan 2016” for the best office real estate development.

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Orizzonte Europa BNL Headquarter


Tertiary sector
5+1AA (Building)
Paolo Mantero Architetto (Fit-out)
S. Fondiaria 5.000 sqm
S. Costruita 80.000 sqm

 Services Provided

  • Preliminary and final design of structures and plants • LEED AP MAP
  • Fire protection design
  • Integrated executive design of building and fit-out
  • Design entirely developed on the BIM platform
  • Cost control and assistance in procurement phase
  • Safety coordination in Design and Execution (Building and fit-out)
  • Assistance in the bidding phase/procurement phase