Two buildings called “I Portali,” facing the “Scheggia di Vetro” Gioia22 (in which Starching also collaborated in 2021), designed by ACPV Architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, are part of the broader urban regeneration program of Porta Nuova Garibaldi Varesine in Milan.

Starching has been commissioned by the ICM Group – General Contractor, operational since late 2021 and still active, to shape this new architecture – promoted by Coima SGR S.p.A – for general coordination and construction design of civil works (entirely in BIM environment), technical assistance to the construction site during implementation, which will conclude with the final drafting of the As-Built.

The first step of this work, already completed, involved adapting the architectural executive design to a BIM model and the general coordination of integrated design following Value Engineering. As the general coordinator of the construction process, Starching has deployed its management expertise, managing the contract in partnership with all other specialized firms involved.

The two towers, East and West, comprising Gioia 20, will rise between via Melchiorre Gioia and via Pirelli and are already named “I Portali.” Two buildings facing the “Scheggia di Vetro,” for which Starching itself has been involved with the assignment of general coordination and construction design of civil works (also in a BIM environment), technical assistance to the construction site during implementation, and final drafting of the As-Built.

The East Tower, whose construction site is in a more advanced phase, will soar for 24 above-ground floors, including a double-height technical room at the roof and a mezzanine floor, in addition to 4 underground levels, reaching a height of about 100 meters with a gross floor area of approximately 27,800 square meters, and a total surface area of over 40,000 square meters.

The contracted tenant is KPMG, which has provided a review of the internal layouts to personalize the spaces that will eventually accommodate about 3,500 people. All levels, from the second to the twentieth, will be used as offices; the first floor will be used for recreational-multifunctional purposes, including an internal cafeteria and a co-working space, while the fifteenth and sixteenth floors will host meeting rooms, as well as a restaurant with a large equipped outdoor terrace on the fifteenth floor. The top two levels will house technical rooms, at the roof level.

The West Tower will rise for 14 above-ground floors, including a mezzanine floor, with an additional 3 underground levels, reaching a total height of approximately 64 meters, with a gross floor area of around 6,400 square meters and a total area of approximately 12,000 square meters. This will also be a tertiary use building, but the ground floor will host commercial spaces along the side of via Melchiorre Gioia.

Greener, more efficient. The project prioritizes the use of renewable energies, with passive solutions: alongside photovoltaic panels integrated into the façade and roof, the use of groundwater will also be implemented for preheating and precooling the structure, as well as for the necessary precooling for the summer season.

The building will therefore achieve the maximum possible result today in terms of energy saving and decarbonization, aiming for Leed Platinum, Well Gold, and WiredScore Platinum certifications. This translates into the non-use of fossil fuels and levels of carbon dioxide emissions, aligned with the objectives of the European Union for 2050, as codified in the Green Deal.

The technical milestones do not end here. “I Portali” will be the first construction in Italy to use “Twin” elevator systems, produced by TK Elevator, with two independent and stacked cabins that will move in the same hoistway and share the same landing doors. This system offers intelligent and efficient passenger flow management, guaranteeing very short waiting and arrival times, while allowing maximum floor construction efficiency by reducing the amount of built area required for elevators.

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