21 May 2024


On the strength of its know-how and experience, Starching has been able to navigate a sector that is growing rapidly in the post-pandemic period: “For the hotel industry, we can estimate a 35% increase in projects in the last two years. An area of development in which requests have increased, certainly starting with the Six Senses experience in Rome. Our projects have one thing in common: direct contact with the client, with repercussions on economic and financial management right from the early development phases,” comments Carlo Giacosa, Starching Director. Each customer naturally has their own vision and modus operandi, but in the relationship with Starching there is constant trust in skills and knowledge of the market, as in the case of the Hotel Marble in Forte dei Marmi. “Our value is also appreciated for the solidity of a team capable of taking responsibility, especially at the beginning of the operation,” Giacosa reiterates.

The range of clients in the hospitality sector for Starching is wide: it ranges from funds to private individuals, and in addition to Italian players, there are also numerous international players who are looking for project partners who know the specific dynamics to invest in our country.

“Our way of doing management becomes a guide for the client, thanks to the development of a cognitive process of all the phases of transformation of real estate assets. Almost all the people who work in Starching have concrete experience of the different project steps, from preliminary to final, from executive to construction management. We work alongside companies, as in the case of Bulgari, until the work is delivered. This background allows us to analyze the client’s wishes, to build a relationship of trust and to apply ourselves technically so that there is no waste or loss of quality in the process,” concludes Giacosa.

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